Commission info
(under construction!!)

Hello! I am Artsy Alraune, otherwise known as Butterball, a freelance artist and fursuit maker. Thank you for your interest in my work! If you would like to commission me, please review my Terms of Service below and feel free to drop me a line on Twitter, Telegram, dA or whatever works for you!

From character references to con badges, I offer several different digital art services!


I can make fursuit heads and partials, and I love doing unusual species!


By commissioning me you agree to my terms of service, so best that you read this too!


character artwork


Quick, fullbody sketches that I work on during my art streams! I also work on them throughout the week, and tuning in to the stream isn't necessary, of course.
Simple backgrounds are available (royalty free photos, patterns, etc). Complex character designs (mecha, numerous clothing accessories, etc) may incur a small additional fee.

telegram stickers


One sticker:
Pack of 5:
Pack of 10:
+ character
+ "YCH"
+ meme base


Stickers for the instant messaging app, Telegram.

fursona badges

The turnaround for these is about a week. If you have a convention date coming up, let me know! Price includes printing, lamination,
and tracked shipping within the continental United States.


reference sheets

A reference sheet of your character.
The base price includes a full body reference for two or three angles, the character's palette, and whatever text you want. Addons are available for an additional fee as outlined below.

(under construction!)


commission status:

I started making fursuits in the summer of 2018, and I'm hoping to make some more! I work in a toony style, and I'm not afraid to try making species that aren't often seen in fursuits! I've made heads with the "bucket-head" method, on balaclavas, and on 3D-printed bases. Feel free to message me for a quote!
My suits are crafted in a home with cats! Please keep this in mind if you have an allergy to cats.
Base prices don't include shipping. My current turnaround time for a fursuit commission is an estimated 1-4 months from the time I begin work.

Butterball "1.0"
Butterball "1.0"
Mary Peeps mini-partial
Artistic Liberty Rat Head

fursuit heads

starting at $500

Heads are built with foam on a balaclava base by default. However, if you have a base you want me to build on instead, it or the funds to purchase it must be provided by the commissioner.Considerations for price include complex fur designs, multiple colors, specific textures desired, whether you want follow-me or flat, toony eyes, or any other extras.Unusual species do not warrant a price increase unless they would entail a lot of extra materials, such as several/very large ears or horns.

fursuit partials

starting at $700

Considerations for the price of a partial, aside from the design of the head, include the size and shape of the hands, whether or not you want arm sleeves, and the size, length, and complexity of the tail.Hands can either be paws or hooves, but hooves will usually incur an additional cost if you want hard/resin hoof caps; I cannot make hoof caps, so you would either have to supply a set yourself or the funds for me to purchase one.Tails are made with two elastic loops so that you can put the back belt loop of your pants in between the tail's loops, and the tail won't slide around on your belt.

Butterball "2.0" Half Partial

terms of service

Payment Procedures

before payment

The commissioner (henceforth referred to as "you") must provide the following to the artist (henceforth referred to as "I" or "me") :- Visual reference of your character (unless you're commissioning a reference sheet because you don't have one, which is understandable)
- Description (or reference if applicable) of desired pose, facial expression, mood, etc.
- Your preferred e-mail address to receive invoices, if you are not contacting me via email/it is different from the email address through which you have contacted me

payment procedure

- Once the commission price is agreed upon, I will send you an invoice via PayPal. (You do not require a PayPal account in order to pay a PayPal invoice)
- With the exception of fursuits, for which payment plans are available, payment is required upfront in full. Work will not begin until the Invoice is paid.
- Once the invoice is paid, any changes to the commission which would decrease the price of the commission cannot be made.
- Payment must be completed as soon as possible; failure to do so may result in a loss of your slot.
- If multiple people are to have characters in a single commission (a group commission), ONE person is responsible for paying the price of commission. It is up to the group to determine how they wish to split the commission before choosing one of them to serve as the Representative of the Commission group (henceforth assumed to be you). This creates a more streamlined line of communication between the Artist and the Commission Group.


Refunds, full or otherwise, may only be provided under the following conditions:- Work has not been started.
- I am not able to complete the commission within a reasonable timeline.
- Partial refunds may be given at my discretion depending on how much of the commission has already been completed.

you, the commissioner

- You must be 18 years of age or older to commission me. If you are below the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian may commission me instead.
- You are not to send a payment before an agreement on the total price is reached, and may only send it through my invoice once it is sent to you.
- You may not claim to be the artist of, edit, or reproduce my artwork. Commissioning me does not entitle you to commercial license of my artwork, nor may it be used for NFTs or other such cryptocurrency tokens.
- You may resize your commission as long as my signature remains visible. However, if you'd like your commission resized or cropped, I would be happy to do it for you and you are welcome to ask.
- You may resize or crop your commission for use as an icon IF credit is placed somewhere appropriately visible. For example: "icon by @butterball_moo" in your Twitter bio if using my work as your Twitter icon.
- You may re-upload the commission on your own accounts if you also provide a link to this page (my carrd) or my Twitter (@butterball_moo) in the upload's description.
- Feel free to ask for progress on your commission, but please do not be pushy if we have not established a specific deadline. I work full time outside of art, and while I do my best to finish commission work in a timely manner, I do not have time to work on it every day.
- You may request that your commission only be uploaded/sent to you privately. Otherwise, I reserve the right to post it with the rest of my art as part of my portfolio.

i, the artist

- I reserve the right to decline any commission.
- If asked, I will give updates on the commission's status, such as estimated start or completion dates or changes in such.
- I reserve the right to upload completed commission pieces onto the sites I use, unless you have requested to keep your commission private.
- I reserve all rights to what I create and may use commissioned artwork for promotional purposes or as seen fit, unless you have requested to keep your commission private.


- You may not claim to be the artist of, edit, or reproduce my artwork and/or use it for commercial use. Do not redistribute artwork without the watermark or signature, if it has one. While you do have full rights to the DESIGN upon purchase, your rights to the artwork ITSELF is limited as outlined above.
- Designs may only be resold for the amount they were originally bought or less, UNLESS additional art of the character is being included. Gifts or trades can only be regifted or traded.
- You may make any changes you like to the original design after purchase. However, a link back to me in some way, including the original design somewhere, would be appreciated.
- Do not trace, make edits or alterations to an image I have drawn. If you change the design, please make a new piece of artwork for the character without editing or tracing the art from me.